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We are excited to introduce a brand-new, highly targeted, new digital marketing platform created exclusively for local businesses in Denver’s North Metro suburbs.

North Metro Woman is a premier online lifestyle magazine designed specifically for women living in the greater North Metro region, including (but not limited to!) the communities of:

  • Brighton
  • Broomfield
  • Erie
  • Northglenn
  • Thornton
  • Westminster

As a local business, you know these cities are brimming with quality local businesses, fun events, creative arts, community offerings – and tens of thousands of women eager to support them.

That’s why we created North Metro Woman: to celebrate the abundance of our own communities, while serving as a trusted source for local businesses, positive news, and enriching events for our female readers.

The opportunity is rich: research continues to prove that not only do women continue
to be the primary decision maker in a home, but their influence and spending power is
only increasing:*

  • Women are the world’s most powerful consumers. They drive the majority of consumer spending through their buying power and influence, and unique role of serving multiple generations of family.
  • Women dominate higher education. In the U.S., women earn the majority of college degrees, making them the customers of today, and the future.
  • Women are increasingly the breadwinners for their families. According to research from the University of Texas at Austin, about 70% of U.S. mothers can expect to be primary financial providers before their children turn 18.
  • Women control wealth. U.S. women control approximately $11 trillion in assets, a number that is expected to grow to $30 trillion by 2030, reports research firm McKinsey.

*Forbes 2022

North Metro Denver is home to an incredibly robust market of women consumers, and a wealth of high-quality businesses committed to serving them. Our mission is to connect the with you!

Three key factors set North Metro Woman apart from other area publications:

1) Highly Targeted: Business that market strategically through geographic and demographic targeting receive the highest conversion value for dollars invested. That’s because messages are landing directly with your consumers, delivering high value that undifferentiated mass marketing doesn’t provide.

2) 100% Digital Platform: North Metro Woman meets our audience where they engage the most: online, on social media, and through exclusive email communications. Digital omnichannel communications are nimble, real-time, and sustainable. The future of marketing is already here, and it’s digital.

3) Experienced, Local Team: Founded by marketing professionals who have lived and worked in North Metro Denver for years, North Metro Woman is built upon decades of industry experience, local connections, and a true commitment to helping our communities thrive.

We’re looking forward to sharing more information about the North Metro Woman platform. Contact us to learn more about partnering opportunities. We can’t wait to welcome you to the North Metro Woman family!



Susan Osborne &  Mary Peck
Co-Founders, North Metro Woman

North Metro Woman

Welcome to North Metro Woman, the online lifestyle magazine for women living in the North Metro Denver area. We cover all types of fun things you’ll want to know about like fabulous happy hour spots, new business openings, restaurants, entrepreneur spotlights, workshops, spas, and so much more!

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