Baby Goat Yoga at The Orchard

by North Metro Woman

Baby Goat Yoga the Orchard

(Photo credit: Rocky Mountain Goat Yoga & The Orchard Town Center)

Why do yoga without goats (or puppies) when you can do yoga with goats.

The Orchard is hosting Rocky Mountain Goat Yoga’s Baby Goat Yoga classes. The yoga lessons are 45 minutes long with a 15 minute decompression for you and the goats.

You can pet the goats, hold the goats, take pictures and enjoy getting lovey with these sweet babies. You can also get a little yoga in too.

Yoga classes are indoors right now in the cold months (near where Rusty Bucket used to be) and cost $30 per lesson. All ages and levels are welcome.

You might be wondering…why Goat Yoga? According to RMGY’s website, when humans interact with animals in this way, it reduces Cortisol (aka the stress hormone). Not only does the yoga help reduce stress, but so do these sweet little (trained!) baby goats.

The RMGY’s goal is to cultivate smiles and happiness with this Baby Goat Yoga. It’s meant to be fun, lighthearted, silly and uplifting. Give it a try and have some fun!

You can read more about RMGY here.

Upcoming classes (held typically a couple times a month at The Orchard):
The Orchard Town Center
Baby Goat Yoga
February 4, 2023 10am
February 18, 2023 10am
Click on the date you’d like to go and follow the link to register on this page.

Go get your Baby Goat Yoga on!

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