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Royal Arch Trail in Boulder

by North Metro Woman

Alright ladies, if spring has you wanting to  get out in nature, it’s time to lace up those hiking boots.  We have a fun, but challenging,  hike for you!  The Royal Arch trail near Chautauqua Park in Boulder  is 3.4 miles of stunning scenery, 6,915 feet in take-your-breath-away elevation, AND an amazing workout!

You should plan on almost three hours out-and-back, depending on your pace, but the view from the top is worth every single step to get there.  The hike (trail map attached)  begins right off Bluebell Road near the ranger station at Chautauqua parking lot.  Other parking can be found along Baseline Road as you near the park.

As you proceed to the trailhead, you’ll see a map of all the other trail choices up and around those famous Flatirons.  Unless you are looking for something a little less challenging, you’ll want to follow the one clearly marked “Royal Arch”.

Along the ascent, you’ll encounter mossy and meandering walkways and impressive vertical stone stairways made of the very rocks that have slid down the mountain side.


Simply  put, this hike is just the coolest, and the pretty little stream along the way is even cooler for your furry friends.   Dogs, just like their people,  love these trails too and they are sure to find many furry friends along the way!

Although it may be tempting at times to pave your own way, be sure to stay on the route.  There are nesting birds and botanicals that need to be respected and protected in the area.

As you meander and hike through unbelievably gorgeous pine-scented forests, and even come upon false summits (great spots for resting),   you’ll have no doubt when you finally reach the top.

Just as its name implies, when the trail ends, you’ll find yourself beneath a massive awe-inspiring  red rock arch.  Some people think you need to drive to Moab, Utah to see formations like these, but it’s right here in your own backyard.

And the dramatic view of Boulder, Westminster, and the entire front range in every direction is simply jaw dropping.  Happy hiking!

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