Sunflowers as BIG as your head!

Anderson Farms, Erie Colorado

by North Metro Woman

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(Photo Credit: Anderson Farms)

Sunflowers have inspired painters, photographers, gardeners, and  lovers of flowers for as long as time because quite honestly,… they are stunning!  Some, like the Mammoth Russian, Sunzilla and Giraffe grow as large at 15 feet high with seed heads well over a foot in diameter.   These bountiful beauties live up to their names,  and that’s just one of the reasons we are so fascinated with them.

They are a sight to see and such a benefit to the ecology.  Besides producing delicious and bountiful seeds, sunflowers attract all kinds of pollinators from various honey and bumble bees to multiple species of birds like the   ruby-throated hummingbird.  What they do for your home decor is just one of their many wonderful attributes.

So when we get the opportunity to walk among entire fields of them and pick as many as we can hold, we get very excited!

Beginning July 19th, Anderson Farms in Erie Colorado invites you to visit their stunning 15 acre sunflower field. They have planted over 17 varieties of sunflowers ranging in height, colors and stages of bloom.  Admission includes a wagon ride to and from the field where you will find many hidden photo ops.  Take home some of their beautiful flowers by purchasing an all-you-can-fill cup, bag, or french market bucket.  You can also pick and paint at one of their craft tables if you feel so inspired.

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Happy picking!

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