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Trident bookstore and cafe in Boulder

by North Metro Woman

Trident Bookstore Boulder North Metro Woman

If your book club is needing a new hangout, it’s time to check out the Trident in Boulder.  This historic book shop and cafe is one of the oldest and most unique in Boulder.

The bookstore opened its doors in 1979 by two Buddhist students, expanded to include a cafe 1980, and became all employee-owned in 2020.

Here you won’t find a venti anything, but what you will discover is a bookstore with a wide variety of new and used books, a cafe that’s big on flavor and a hidden patio out back with a special feature – live and incredibly unique music.

Trident Bookstore Boulder North Metro Woman

Events Manager and performing artist, Jason Brandt, has very discerning taste when it comes to books AND the music that plays here.

“We try to book new and emerging artists. We’re kind of an underground stage. We can do things that large venues can’t because we are an employee owned bookstore and cafe,  so that gives us a little more leeway.  We don’t have to bend to the corporate gods … or demons, I should say.”

Trident Bookstore Boulder North Metro Woman The Trident showcases their wickedly cool underground artists on their lovely outdoor patio opened during the pandemic.

And here’s a tip for you readers, the patio is not an obvious site when you enter the Trident, but if you meander to the back of the store, you’ll find a door leading to the  lyrical sounds you may have noticed floating through the store while you were shopping.

And here’s another insight,  most of the performances are FREE to coffee patrons! On this night, North Metro Woman has the pleasure of enjoying the ethereal Nicolette Andres, a Colorado Suzuki method violinist, playing her exquisitely crafted Hardanger fiddle from Norway.

Listening to Nicolette’s playing is like enjoying a really good book – it takes you on a journey to other faraway places and times. It’s simply magical!Trident Bookstore Boulder North Metro Woman She collaborates at times with eclectic musicians Graeme Danforth and Ted Stevens both also unique in style and sound.

For a list of other dates to see these talented musicians, and other upcoming artists to the Trident cafe, visit the Trident events page.

Also, for a little sample of Nicolette’s playing and a peek inside the Trident, until you can get there yourself,  visit our YouTube link “Trident video” or click the image below!

940 Pearl Street
Boulder, CO 80302

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