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Rebecca Buttrell, Coldwell Banker

North Metro Woman is thrilled to have Rebecca Buttrell of Coldwell Banker Realty on our magazine today.   Rebecca has some fabulous tips and advice for navigating our fluctuating real estate market whether you are buying or selling.

Welcome Rebecca!  Please tell us a little about yourself.  How long have you been in the North Metro area and the real estate business? 

Thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself!  I have lived in the Legacy Ridge neighborhood for nearly 20 years – we moved into our home in March 2004 just two weeks before my first daughter was born. We had our second daughter 2 ½ years later, and have loved raising our girls in the North Metro area.  After staying at home with my kids for several years, I was eager to get back into the work force.  In 2015, I began working part time for a single real estate broker, where I learned the ropes. I was then licensed in early 2016. I joined Coldwell Banker Realty in their Global Luxury program in 2021 because of their great reputation and client-focused philosophy.  I come from a family of real estate investors back in Virginia, so real estate felt like a natural fit.

What did you do prior to this, and what inspired you to go into real estate? 

I was a stay-at-home mom for quite some time, but prior to that I was an account manager for a tech company in Westminster. I also lived in Vail for five years prior to that, where I was a conference services manager at a large resort hotel. My background in customer service has been extremely useful in my real estate career.

It sounds like you found your calling.  How has this professional endeavor been treating you thus far?

It has been amazing on many levels! It has been personally fulfilling to be back in the work force in a career that I love and resonate with. I enjoy sharing my knowledge of the area with people looking to relocate from other states as well – everyone seems to be quite taken with our location between Denver and Boulder, as well as the amazing views. The best part of this job is getting to meet so many new people, who often become good friends.

It truly is such a warm and welcoming community here.  And, we’ve all witnessed the striking housing boom throughout Colorado post COVID.  What kinds of trends have you witnessed recently in the North Metro area?

Yes, we saw unprecedented appreciation from April 2020 through April 2022. Since the peak in 2022 we have settled back into a more typical seasonal market. Higher interest rates have certainly played a role in the decreased number of home sales, however prices are holding at, or slightly above prices from a year ago. The most evident trend we are seeing is that the market is very house-specific, meaning that if a property is updated and in move-in condition it will sell quickly, and even with multiple offers.

Below is the link to a home your recently sold in North Metro:

What can you tell us about this home that made the sale a success?   How was it priced for today’s market?  

If you look through the listing photos you will see that this home has all the desired updates and is staged beautifully. When I first met them, they knew they wanted to sell, but weren’t quite ready. They took the time to make sure everything was decluttered, deep cleaned, and touched up as needed. We scheduled exterior photos to capture peak summer foliage, then waited until the interior was show ready for the interior photos.  Professional photography is a MUST!  I watched the market trends and inventory in the area, and decided we should list in mid-September. Pricing can be tricky in a shifting market, and it’s the most important factor in selling a home quickly. Analyzing recent comps, and factoring in interest rates and market trends, we determined the best list price for maximum exposure to the buyer pool available. We received an offer, over list price, in just 1 day on the market.

That’s impressive!  Now, you always hear the phrase, “location, location, location”.    What does that really mean when you are buying or selling in the North Metro area?  

I’m glad you asked! It essentially means that location is the single most important rule in real estate. You could have two identical houses, built by the same builder, in two different locations and their prices could be vastly different. For example, one house in Westminster could be worth $600,000. The same house in Lafayette could be worth $800,000. The same could apply within one neighborhood as well – a property with great views backing to open space would be worth more than a property that does not have views. As most of us in the North Metro know, the closer you get to Boulder, the higher the home values, is a general rule of thumb.

Unfortunately, new jobs and unexpected life circumstances don’t always coincide with a favorable selling market.  Do you have any tips for people preparing to put their home on the market this winter?   What about spring?

You’re exactly right. Life events still happen and sometimes you can’t control when you need to sell your home. As I mentioned previously, buyers are being very particular about what they want in a home, and are willing to wait for the right house. No matter when you are selling, make sure your property shows well!  This could mean simply decluttering and deep cleaning, it could be painting and updating the flooring, or it could be more extensive renovations, and staging. Hiring a real estate professional to guide you through this process will make the process much less stressful.  At Coldwell Banker, we have a program that offers home improvement resources with no upfront costs. This helps sellers make necessary improvements to get the best price for their home, without paying anything until closing.

From a buying perspective, what can home buyers do right now to position themselves for this spring or summer?  How do they ensure they are first in line for their dream home?  And do those personal letters to agents representing certain neighborhoods really work?

Without question, the first thing home shoppers should do is consult with a local lender.  I can’t emphasize this enough! And even though interest rates are still somewhat high, there are many opportunities in the market right now for sellers to pay down the buyer’s interest rate for up to three years. If you are shopping for homes through the holidays, you can likely get some of the best deals of the year, especially on the properties that have spent several months on the market. If you wait until spring (or for when many think the rates will go down) you will face stiffer competition, so you need to make sure your finances are in order, and possibly save a little extra money if the market gets really competitive again.

What should our readers at North Metro Woman know about working with you?

I take the time to listen and understand the unique goals of my clients, and tailor my services to those goals. I honestly care about my client’s needs and will help guide you to your most successful outcome, whether buying or selling. And I like to have FUN in the process! I have lived in Vail, Denver, Boulder and Westminster in my nearly 30 years of living in Colorado. I absolutely love the North Metro area and feel so blessed to call it home!

Thank you so much, Rebecca, for taking this time to introduce yourself and especially for giving our readers ALL of this fabulous advice.

If you would like to work with Rebecca, contact:


REALTOR®/Luxury Property Specialist
M: 303.517.4830 |



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