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Brynn Warner, Summit Funding

Brynn Warner, Sales Manager, Summit Funding


North Metro ladies, if you don’t know Brynn Warner, it is time to meet this financially savvy,  yet really relatable,  mortgage lender.  We all know that purchasing a house can be a scary endeavor, but Brynn is one of those remarkable North Metro women who just radiates optimism and exudes confidence.

A wife, mother of three (ages 13, 8 & 6), and former hair stylist, Brynn, like so many of us,  has a lot of irons in the fire,  and yet, she somehow found the time to follow her passion for finance, go back to school, and redefine her career.

Today, she is a Sales Manager and Senior Loan Officer at Summit Funding and absolutely loves her work.  Brynn says, “I’m quick when it comes to numbers, and yes, my job is about the numbers and guidelines, but it’s also about connecting with people.  It’s a really big step to purchase a home and you have to get really vulnerable.  So you want to make sure that you are talking to someone who is empathetic and understanding and not super intimidating.  I think having the mind for numbers, but also being sensitive to people and anticipating people’s needs, is something that I’m good at and has been really helpful in my journey.”

Brynn also knows the North Metro area having lived in Arvada, purchasing a second home in Westminster, and currently living  in Broomfield  – a final move inspired by the arrival of her third child when her family needed ‘more room’.   Brynn exclaims,  “Oh my gosh, I love it!  It’s the perfect house for us, right now in our lives.  The schools are fantastic, the neighborhood is great – I feel like we could let our kids run around safely and that’s HUGE for me.”

Living in the North Metro is fabulous for all of Brynn’s reasons and more, but some of you may be thinking THIS is not the time to consider buying a home with interest rates in the high 6’s, and low 7’s.  And Brynn agrees to a point, “This market has been challenging for buyers, for lenders, for realtors, for everybody just because interest rates are higher.  But home prices haven’t dropped, so educating people about realistic mortgage payments, about refinancing, if there is an opportunity,  and what that’s going to look like, has really made me sharpen my skills and just dig in a little bit deeper with my clients and realtor partners.”


With that said, Brynn cautions home shoppers about listening to the naysayers.  “The media …and everybody’s cousin’s-brother’s-grandma’s-aunt will tell them it’s not a good time to buy a property, but I think they really need to be aware that especially for the first time home buyer, it’s a fantastic opportunity to get your foot in the market right now.”

“If you don’t have a home to sell right now (in order to buy), sellers are willing to give seller concessions to help cover closing costs, there are temporary buy-downs right now that can save you hundreds upon hundreds of dollars a month.  There are some really cool things that we can take advantage of right now in this market that I don’t believe will be there in the spring.    I just think of the people that said they wish they had bought a home in 2007,  2008 or 2009 and I feel this is a different version of a similar market.”

Brynn goes on,  “I have helped many many single people, single women specifically, purchase homes and when they go to sell or refinance, they’ve earned tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands in equity over the life of their loan by just owning real estate in this market at current market value.  I think the BEST way to build wealth is through real estate.  And I think the sooner you can start, the more financially successful you’ll become.”

To learn more about Summit Funding’s incredible “buy down” products that can help you finance a home, view Brynn’s video tip here:

Brynn Warner, Summit Funding



Brynn can be reached at:

Brynn Warner, Summit Funding

12050 Pecos St., Suite 310
Westminster, CO 80234
Branch NMLS ID#2295415

(303) 264-9487 Office
(303) 264-9487 Direct




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