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Top tasks that have just gotten alot fancier. And contractors who are there when we need them!

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Happy New Year, North Metro Readers!

It’s the start of New Year’s resolutions, cleaning out the old, and bringing in the NEW.   One of the ways we prep for the shiny new year ahead is by getting our house in tip top shape again.

It’s not news to anyone what’s on the usual honey-do list.  There’s changing out furnace filters, covering the AC unit, cleaning gutters, and changing batteries on fire alarms – just to name a few.   But one new thing North Metro Woman will add that you may want to consider is checking out all the advanced smoke and carbon monoxide detectors at our local Home Depot’s or Lowes.    Rather than wait for those middle of the night annoying beeping sounds to let you know that your battery is running out,  NOW is the time to switch to some updated and very smart technology that can keep you  and yours safe in case of a fire.

At North Metro Home Depot you will find a wide variety of Kidde brand 10-year battery life models that will send an alert to your phone if smoke is detected.  As many of us unfortunately know,  an emergency like a fire can often happen when we aren’t even home.  Now, there is no longer the worry that you will be away.   And if you change all your units at the same time,  with the extended battery life,  you are good for about a decade.

At Lowes, they carry the First Alert One Link – a multi use detector that is also connected to “Alexa”.  It’s pricier than most for sure, but now you can talk to your smoke alarm and request music, audio books, trivia, or news in any room you wish.   Yes, it’s a safety/entertainment device!

The X-Sense  smoke alarm/carbon monoxide detector is WIFI connected to the other similar models in the home, so this one can tell you exactly which room the smoke is coming from.

The Google Nest version will also contact you by phone, speak in “clear directions” for safety  AND light the way  for your exit if you have lost power within the house.

All of the models we’ve mentioned have amazing reviews so far,  so choosing the newest technology for your home should be pretty easy based on budget and the options you desire.   Today the smoke detector in your home can do almost anything but feed the dog, …but I wouldn’t put it past it if it somehow gets connected to your new auto treat gadget that Santa may have brought!

At the end of the day  if you, or your “honey” are just not up to changing detectors or any of the other tasks on that list, there are plenty of really great handymen in the North Metro Area who are happy to help.  Two in particular are giving our readers an exclusive first time discount if you mention the North Metro Woman  codes from our newsletter.

Bob  Wight of BW Home Owner Services is JUST AMAZING!  Bob changes batteries on fire alarms, adjusts doors that are not closing, installs storage racks, and will fix almost anything that is broken in your home.  Bob says, “I worked in dry wall most of my adult life.  During that time, I learned from all the other contractors I worked with, plumbers, electricians,… you name it.  I’m very efficient and I can get alot done in a short amount of time.  I can figure things out really easily.”    North Metro Woman couldn’t agree more.  When we called Bob, we found out he is incredibly friendly, communicates really well about the job at hand and works fast!   



Justin Broadbent, of HunnyDo Handyman Service,  does projects like finishing basements, frame to finish drywall, ceilings, LVP,  flooring, and light plumbing like installing new sinks, toilets, and shower fixtures.  He also does  light, electrical work such as hanging new lights, or fans, or changing out switches and outlets.  Justin says,  “I also do tile projects walls, flooring bathrooms. I also do kitchen remodels, hanging new cabinets, refinishing old cabinets. Also interior door trim.  We do it all.”

You can reach Justin at:

Happy 2024 North Metro!

Let us know if you know of some amazing contractors to call.  We are especially interested in auto mechanics for a follow-up article.

Write to us at:

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