A Hot Tip for Hot Yoga!

HOTWORX in Westminster

by North Metro Woman

Deal alert! Mention North Metro Woman and HOTWORX will waive your sign-up fee of $99!

Telling our readers about an exciting new business in the North Metro area is literally one of our favorite things to do!  It’s even more exciting when we learn of a fun new way to stay healthy and fit.

HOTWORX Westminster North Metro Woman

AND,  if you’ve ever been curious about an exercise program, but a little nervous to try it out in public, this may be the ONE for you.

HOTWORX in Westminster offers hot yoga and exercise in private sauna rooms.

Here, you experience a three dimensional workout: exercise to increase body movement,  heat to force body workout to a new acclimation,  and infrared energy to activate metabolism for detox and recovery.

HOTWORX Westminster North Metro WomanAccording to franchisee, Lisa Reinke, “Heat helps to improve circulation, increase metabolism, helps with stress relief and mental clarity….there are many benefits.  The list goes on and on.”

North Metro Woman recently tried it out with a friend and we certainly felt the burn, but in a really good way.   And the privacy of the rooms gave a sense of  freedom from intimidation of trying out new moves.

With each program,  virtual  instructors  show three different levels of work-outs so you can go at your own pace or challenge yourself a little, or a lot!

One of the great things about yoga in a private studio is there is no one to see if you happen to fall over doing your first heels over head inversion.  Just go for it!

HOTWORX Westminster North Metro Woman
According to a friend who goes there, some ladies will even book a room, just to lay down in the warmth and relax away from all the challenges of daily life.

That’s the beauty of working out in a private sauna.  You can go there for the exercise or maybe decide to take a much needed recovery rest.  No judgement!  And no worries with safety, the heat settings will automatically shut off after your designated time.

Here’s how it works, you sign up, download the app, and reserve a time and program you want to try.  HOTWORX will send you a code for the front door and you can go in whenever it suits you.

You can also bring a friend or go solo!  Each sauna fits up to three people depending on the program, and there are eight rooms available at one time (some containing rowers and exercycles)  including an FX open room with cross training equipment and showering facilities.

HOTWORX Westminster North Metro Woman
And if you mention North Metro Woman, Hot Worx will waive your sign-up fee of $99!

Have a great workout, ladies!    Let us know what you think.  We would also love to hear about your favorite workout place in the North Metro area.   Write to us at editor@northmetrowoman.com.

For a peek inside HOTWORX, click on the video below.

2741 W. 120th Ave., Ste. 100
Westminster, CO 80234

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