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At Claw and Talon Tattoo

by North Metro Woman

If you have always wanted to get a tattoo, but have never had the nerve, it may be that you have just not met the right  tattoo artist.  Meet native Boulderite, Kimme Smallzz,

Kimme Smallz North Metro Woman

“It’s really easy to just get into your head when you’re in this fight or flight response with the pain of getting a tattoo, but when people  can just relax and surrender to it and accept that this pain is just temporary, they can have a better time.  I’m pretty good at coaching and distracting .”

Kimme has had the most experience with women who want to get a tattoo,  “A lot of people don’t realize just how mental of an experience getting a tattoo is.  We get CU football players in here and they sit worse than the 18 year old girl whose getting her ribs tattooed”, she laughs.  “It doesn’t come down to physical strength – it really comes down to your mental strength when it comes to sitting well for a tattoo.”

Kimme got her first tattoo eleven years ago in the very booth she now works at to create beautifully detailed elegant, yet, bold, creations.

Tattooing is something she has always wanted to do,  “I guess you could say it’s come full circle.  I had my daughter five years ago, and I was working from home, and it really drained me.  I needed something to fill my cup.”

At that time,  Kimme showed a design she wanted for herself  to a tattoo artist that her best friend was dating, and he was immediately impressed.

Kimme recalls,  “He asked me, did you draw that? And I said yes, and he said, that’s really good.  You would be really good at tattooing.  And I was like, you think?  I’ve always wanted to!”  Kimme says, the “rest is history’  Her mentor did every tattoo  on her left arm and then taught her everything she knows throughout her two year apprenticeship.

Kimme Smallz North Metro WomanKimme Smallz North Metro Woman

The number one rule is to keep it clean and moisturized.  According to Kimme,  “It’s not unlike having a sunburn.”   She advises, “The wintertime is the best time to get a tattoo in my opinion because you’re out of the sun and out of the water because those are the two no-no’s with a fresh tattoo.”

It’s a little challenging as summertime is when most people want to get a tattoo as they see all the amazing designs on open display, but Hope Scalcini, Kimme’s client today,  knows the drill.

She is getting her tenth tattoo by Kimme Smallzz.   Hope has everything from elaborately ornate medallions on the back of her calves, an adorable flowered cow on her right shoulder, to a delicate little bee on her chest, just to name a few.

Hope says, “I just love getting tattoos and I have a hard time thinking of what to get sometimes.  And I love a flash sheet, so when she (Kimme) posts one that is up for grabs… I don’t know, I just thought it was really cute!”

Well Hope’s instincts were spot on!

North Metro Woman was honored to see Kimme’s artistry tattooed on her eager and delightful client.  Take a peek for yourself in the video below.

And if you are interested in getting a tattoo, Kimme offers an exclusive discount inside the free digital North Metro Woman Fall Guide!

Download the Guide here and look for Kimme’s ad inside to get details on the fabulous discount!

Kimme Smallzz


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