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Powerful Women Say "Stop!"

by North Metro Woman

As another school year comes to a close, some of us are facing our teen’s first year of college life on the horizon.  And there is so much to think about!  Yes, our kids need all the basic dorm and study essentials, but what about survival skills?  Have you trained your daughters to know what to do when faced with possible violence? 

The statistics can be scary, and often challenged, but there is no denying that the risk of sexual violence is extremely high for college women, and ALL women today. 

But, you don’t have to be a victim.  Former military and law enforcement officer, Dean Dominguez, the lead instructor of Action Tactical, has been teaching self defense classes for women for almost 20 years, and he wants to bring his classes to you, North Metro women!

Dean got involved with self defense after many years as a police officer witnessing women in dysfunctional and abusive relationships, “The saddest time of my career was making house calls to the same homes over and over again where women would repeatedly get beaten up by the men in their lives.  I saw some terrible things (graphic content) and it only got worse.” 

Dean claims that part of the issue is low self esteem in women and he wants to make a difference.  

His classes teach not only physical tools for self defense, but “the power of the voice”.   In the very first class, women learn that before anything ever resorts to a physical altercation, many of the threatening situations, from someone you know or a stranger, can be avoided by loudly and confidently saying the word, “STOP!” 

It’s one word, but using it properly with strong body language and a firm voice, is impactful.  

“It starts with people skills, respect for themselves and tools for avoiding conflicts”, says Dominguez.   “I want all women to understand their worth.  It’s a lot to learn. 

We also teach a lot of physical tactics, and you’re not going to be a ninja when you leave, but it’s designed to build confidence –  to get you to think.  You’re more capable than you perceive yourself to be.”  

There is currently a course scheduled at their Parker location on May 17th, but if North Metro women, or your places of work, would like to host a class in this area, Action Tactical will come to you for a minimum of ten students. 

They only charge $30/person, and if you mention the code NORTHMETROWOMAN, women (and teens) get another 10% off. 

(Photo credits: Action Tactical)

For further violence against women resources and hotlines visit:

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