Help Hawaii

What you can do to help the victims in Lahaina.

by North Metro Woman

If the recent news in Maui, Hawaii is bringing back flashbacks of the devastating Marshall fire here in Louisville, in December of 2021, you are not alone.   The Marshall Wildfire was the worst wildfire in Colorado history.   And now, due to an even worse fire, we see heartbreaking photos and videos of an entire historic town in ruin in once beautiful Lahaina with a staggering 99 lives lost so far.  If you ever been to Maui, or anyplace in Hawaii on business or vacation, you know what a truly special place this is.  The love and respect of the aloha spirit permeates this land and its people.  Native Hawaiian and musician, Jack Johnson, recently performed a benefit for the victims of the fire and provided the following safe and helpful links on his Instagram.  If you would like to help, here are copies of his links and the link to his site:

  • Maui Food Bank (@mauifoodbank) at: (donations will support food relief efforts across Maui)
  • Maui County Strong Fund (@hawaiicommunityfoundation) at: (Funds to be used to make grants for immediate needs to organizations that are assisting community members that have lost their homes)
  • Hawaiʻi Red Cross (@hawaiiredcross) at: (specify Maui Red Cross fire relief in the appropriate box)





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