Local Chef Beth Wales Serves Up Meals with a Side of Joy

Her Autumn Pumpkin Soup is Proof

by North Metro Woman

Chef Beth Wales, the professional culinary artist known locally as Your Chef Beth, spent over two decades honing her craft in restaurants in the Carolinas, Vermont, and Georgia before moving west just after 9/11.

She’s been cooking for lucky eaters in every type of Colorado restaurant and bar, including in her own restaurant, Sweet Dixie’s, and food truck which was highlighted by Westward as a top food truck to see. She now primarily serves Broomfield, Lafayette, Erie, Superior, Arvada, West Thornton, Westminster, and Louisville.

Her popular services include in-home meal prep, small party catering, cooking classes, kitchen organization and first meals in a new home. North Metro Woman caught up with Beth to learn more about this year’s fall food trends and try one of her favorite fall recipes.

What do you enjoy about being a professional chef?
I really just love cooking – it doesn’t seem like work at all. It brings joy and builds relationships with people you never thought you had anything in common with.

 What do you enjoy about living and working in the North Metro Denver area?
 I like how close everything is, I live in downtown Broomfield and everything, including my vet, is steps away.

Do you have a specific area of focus?
I specialize in special diets. I’m very familiar with paleo, keto, vegetarian and vegan cuisines.

What foods do you see trending this fall season?
Ube has been huge all year, I don’t see that changing with the fall. I think we’ll see more baked goods and baking mixes using it this fall. It’s a purple sweet potato. I could see it popping up in a pumpkin spice Blondie instead of pumpkin. The purple color is so lovely, it goes great with the colors of autumn.

What are your favorite local places to find ingredients?
I really like King Soopers produce. It far surpasses more expensive places in quality. I haven’t had the time recently to check out Broomfield Farmers market, or any of the local produce stands. I would love to do more with local produce. I think we’re very blessed to have a lot of local growers, who grow amazing produce.

Any other cooking advice for our readers?
Don’t be afraid to set a timer. I use them for everything because I forget what’s in the oven, what’s boiling and how long it’s been there. The timer has saved so many dishes from being ruined.

What’s the inspiration behind the mouthwatering pumpkin soup recipe you’re sharing with us?
Fall allergies are real! I get sniffly and have to lay off some of the dairy. I love pumpkin spice (as well as the other fall flavors) but the richness was too much for the allergies I had going on at the time. I figured out how to make it low dairy. It’s a lot like a savory pumpkin pie. You can add or subtract the sweetness of the dish just by adjusting the brown sugar or maple syrup. Some years the pumpkin is sweeter than others.

Autumn Pumpkin Soup

1 15oz can of pumpkin puree
1 13.9 oz can of full fat coconut milk
1T butter
2-3T brown sugar or swerve brown sugar substitute
1/2t salt
2T Better than Bouillon, vegetable or chicken flavor
Pepper to taste
Fresh ginger to taste, grated or from a tube
Ground cinnamon to taste
1/4t cardamom
1-2T maple syrup

Combine everything in a large pot, do not boil. Allow to simmer until hot. My favorite way to serve it is with buttered toast sticks.

Contact Chef Beth Wales via email or text:
beedub79@gmail.com  |  303-725-4579

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