Repurpose Those Pumpkins and Leaves

Where to recycle them in the North Metro area.

by North Metro Woman

I don’t know about you all, but it seems like Fall comes and  goes quicker every year.  One minute you have trees in your yard like works of art with magical maroon and amber leaves catching the dreamy dappled light, and the next minute,…you have a pile of brown, crackling, dried up leaves ALL over your house and yard.

Well don’t despair  – there are places that recycle these former beauties, as they are still filled with nutrients, and it’s a much better environmental option than sending them off to a landfill in plastic bags.

Obviously, you can clean up and mulch them yourself with a reverse leaf blower and composter  that you can buy at any of your local hardware stores or you can participate in a city wide composting program.  The City of Westminster is accepting leaves this Sat. November 4th at 10001 Alkire St.  For more information, click on the attached link.

The Westminster drop off location will also accept your old carved pumpkins, BUT, if you have the time for a little drive, many local farms, like the Giggling Life Care Farm in Brighton, are  thankful  to take those pumpkins off your hands to feed their hungry animals.

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Kristi Hurley,  owner of the Giggling Life Care Farm says,  “Last year when people brought pumpkins you would have the thought the horses won the lottery – they were so happy!”

Kristi says it’s so easy to do as well,  ” You just go through the Hug and Go lane anytime and toss your pumpkins over the fence.  Then you can watch the donkeys, horses and steers just go ballistic – it’s a feeding frenzy.  It’s the best!”

So there ya go, North Metro women.  Now you can recycle AND see your good deeds hilariously gobbled up in one special trip.  What a fun way to spend a beautiful fall day.

Please make sure your pumpkins are free of paint so our farm friends don’t eat anything that’s bad for them.  And if you are interested in all the other wonderful Fall children’s programs and lessons going on at Giggling Life Care Farm,  visit their website.

If you know of other local farms especially in need of  pumpkins, North Metro Woman would be happy to share their location.  Write to us at

Giggling Life Farm
14583 Cherry St, Brighton, CO 80602

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